MUSIC VIDEO – Usty. M – Fantasy

Singer      Usty. M
Actress    Thirza R, Usty M, 
Actor        Freddy R

Orchestra +/- 6 p
1 Ephraim F (violist) 0623975217
2 Tessel H     (violist) 0629189156
3 Kasper S (contraB) 0643895399
4 xxxxxxxxxxx (cello)
5 xxxxxxxxxxx (piano)

Producer & Director
EX.Producer  Stephan N  0610531555
Dop                  Danny N     0642544462
Gaffer              Navid T       0627072527
Dop Assist      Chris K        0648365240
Make/ Hair     Shao-Lin     0648767838
Art / Styling    Rivka K.      0633660587

1. INT. Concertbuilding 

Location 2 – Usty + orchestra 
Usty singing companied by small orchestra..

CAMERA: Tot, Med. C.Med.  Tot.Sh.  

Shoting day:     23 July – Morning
Breakfast call: 09:30h
Shooting call:   11:00h
Location: Concertgebouw plein 10 Amsterdam
Cast: Usty, Orchestra 6 musicians
Props:  Usty’s dress, 2 viol, 1 piano, 1 cello, 1 contrabas 



2. INT. Appartment

Location 5 – Apartment
Day part. Thirza & Freedy together chilling, doing normal daily stuf. Thirza jumping on his nek, dancing around him, crashing the apartment. Relaxing moments together. Drinking together in balcony. Playing on playstation, eating noodles together. Thirza doing her stretching, getting ready.. 
Night part Thirza having a hard time, crying, drinking alone.. Seeing him in the mirror and then not. Watching his clothes..
Freddy watching her sleep, Getting ready and leaving at night.
Thirza waking up and seeing Freddy is gone. She feels he will not come back.

Shooting day:      23 July – Evening
Shooting time:  17:00 – 22:00
Cast: Thirza, Freddy 
Props:  Kitchen, noodles, play station, iPhone, tv, wine, clothing Thirza & Freddy.
Loc: Appartement Nemchik   



3. EXT. Night – Street

Location 1 – car crash
We see Freddy driving the car at the night, watching the iPhone, through the car mirror we see his eyes getting tired and few times closing.
We see the car driving of the road. Cut to flash of lights of the other car coming fast toward the camera. Camera shakes and turns and Freddy gets pushed forward. We here a crash and sirenes
Cut to black.
Close medium, Close up, Pov, Pan. 



Shooting day 23 July – night.
– Driving shots – with actor Freddy on 23 July
– Second car shots, we  shoot on 30 July or we use stock footage. 
Cast: Freddy R 
Props Car interior, fake broken glass, iPhone.


3. INT. Dancing Studio

Location 3 – Dans studio, make up room,
We see Thirza – rehearsing a dance move, thinking about her just lost boyfriend. Dancing, falling all the time. crying. watching herself in the mirror.
Doing make up, red lips. With her fingers makes the joker’s “happy face’’. Dancing with joker moves.
Usty comes in the scene, Watching her dance and gives here a telephone, cut to hugs here….. Thirza brakes down. 

CAMERA: Tot.Sh. Med.Sh C.u. 

Shoting day:      24 July – Mid day
Breakfast call:  11:00h
Shooting call:    12:00h  

Cast: Thirza, Usty, Freddy
Props:  Dancing clothes, mirror, make up, iPhone,  
Loc: WDW Studio of Fijnhout theater Spiegel Zaal.  




Location 5 – Beach 
Thirza and Freddy running in the beach trying to catch each other. 
Thirza dancing on the beach. Together riding horses only Thirza sitting in the horse backwards. 
Usty singing next to the horses & riding the horse. 
Thirza dancing in alone in the beach… Lighting the wish lantern….  


Shoting day:      24 July – Evening 
Shooting time:  19:00 – 22:00
Cast: Thirza, Freddy 
Props:  Horses, bottle of wine, cadges, wish lantern 
Loc: Wijk aan zee.  



Concertgebouw – LOCATIONS

Option A

Option B

Dans Studio – LOCATIONS

Dans Studio

MakeUp space